Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gold 'N' Silver Inn - Reno, Nevada

Gold 'N' Silver Inn - Reno, Nevada by What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?

790 West Fourth Street
Reno, Nevada
24 Hour Restaurant, Banquet Room, Gaming & Bar, Spacious Parking, Henny Penny Fried Chicken.
-We Like Kids -

Mailed from San Francisco, California to Pat Hover in the New Dorm of the College of Idaho in Caldwell, Idaho on January 23, 1967:

Dear Pat,
We ate here for lunch and dinner couldn't cross Donner Saturday, spent the night in Reno. Got another 4 hrs. sleep Sat. night. Left 9:00 AM, Got to Oakland 2:30. Dead tired - 6 hrs. sleep in two nights isn't enough. Told Mrs. Dryden you said hi. Visited Tough Studio, reminded me of a garage. See you in a week, Bruce

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