Friday, December 16, 2011

Crystal Pistol - Chicago, Illinois

Crystal Pistol - Chicago, Illinois by What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?

1452 N. Wells - Chicago - WH 4-9231
Western Style Steak, home-made Chili, Steer Berger, Served by Our Pistol Packin Mamas! Featuring Largest Stein in Old Town - 12 oz.
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The Crystal Pistol is long gone, as I expected it to be. Old West Saloons and modern Chicago don't really mix. I did find some interesting stuff. Apparently there used to be go-go dancers in the window. That's pretty damn awesome. I don't know much else. This place must have been the cat's pajamas back in its heyday.


  1. Hi Pie Shop,

    This was my grandfather's place, and I spent many an hour there as a toddler. When I;m in town, I still make sure to eat at the Fireplace Inn, a fav of my grandparents, great baby back ribs, and I pick up chocolates at the the Fudge Pot a few doors down, just like we used to do.

    I recall riding the Great Dane they had to guard the bar at night, like a horse. It was big enough, I was small enough. Gramps probably only had me on the dog for a few seconds at time, but the image sticks in my mind. As do the 'pistol-packin mammas' who worked there, who used to fawn over me. They did a bit of burlesque, and I can remember the lady who danced with the snake!

    Thanks for posting this pic and the pic of the postcard! Brings back great memories!

  2. another view can be found here...